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We're here to warm up to some good times!

We've learned from the zodiac that this new lunar year is represented by the tiger, which means new beginnings!

The beginning of February also marks the start of Black History Month. We believe that the history itself and focus should exceed past this month and remain continuous throughout the whole year. For the time being, however, we will continue to observe, reflect, and honor the contributions made to this country by African Americans of the past. We've taken time out this month to interview and celebrate some babes in our community in honor of Black History Month. We've also created new content to showcase our local vendors at our salons with interviews and giveaways! THR will be selling Galentine's Day cards this month at both salons for $3 each. Every purchase of a card will go towards an entry into our raffle, featuring lovely creations by local businesses in Jersey City. Celebrate a babe this month and share the love. We will also be hosting our first SPIRIT WEEK the second week of February! Check out the columns below to learn more about our community, giveaways, and promos for the month of February!

Ready to book your next appointment? Need to phone a babe?

Visit our website here or call:

Part Too: 201.208.4697

Bae St (Formerly OG): 551.689.2045

Please feel free to reach out to us through email at

Any new color guest to our salon will be required to fill out our new 'Color Inquiry' form on the main page of our website.

♥ Win this month's raffle by participating in our Spirit Week or by purchasing a Galentine's Day card. ♥



♥ Chat with some of our babes from the community. ♥


Vendor At THR Salons

Talk about your career. I currently am an educator, visual artist, student, first-time mom, and small business owner. How does being black affect your identity? Do you feel like you embrace more of your culture now at a later age?

I am very connected to my identity as a black woman. Being black is my identity, and I’ve always been firm on that. I was never the type to be uncomfortable in my skin. Even when I lived in neighborhoods where not many looked like me…I never questioned myself or who I was to fit in. Who I am wasn’t going to change, so it was for others to accept and be okay with…not me.

Who are your role models? I come from a line of strong black women specifically my Mom who is currently 70 years young and in college for her Ph.D. She is my idol whom I will always have the utmost respect for. She is my real-life superhero.

How important is black representation in your line of work? Black culture has a lot of influence in my work and everything I do. I create and teach from my perspective/story, my culture, my history.

What defines success in your career? Success in my career means changing lives for the better and leaving my mark in the world. If someone walks away from my class or seeing my art and has a positive lasting impression, then that is success to me.

How important is hair to you? My hair is my crown…I take pride in my hair. I perfected how to do the styles that I like best, but every now and then I will treat myself to an appointment at my favorite salon. I am teaching my daughter now also, sitting down doing my daughter’s hair it’s like a rite of passage…my Mom had that with me and I’m so blessed to have this experience with my little one.

Candace Stylist

THR + Freelance

Talk about your career. I’m a hairstylist! My goal is to help people with all textures feel confident walking into the salon. How does being black affect your identity? Do you feel like you embrace more of your culture now at a later age? I am half Mexican and half Black. I feel like “white people” have always been quick to label me as “the black girl” but that is only half my identity. So I feel robbed of my identity. Also, I sometimes feel people are more hesitant around me. I grew up with my Mexican side of the family so that is mostly what I know. I would love to embrace more black culture because it is just as important for me and a huge part of my identity. How important is black representation in your line of work? I think it’s important to represent black culture in our line of work because for too long textured hair has been labeled bad hair. What defines success in your career? Ohhh this is hard but if I had to pick I think success for me is when a client can comfortably walk out of my chair knowing how to properly care for their hair.

How important is hair to you? Personally, I am not attached to my hair.

Brooke Front Desk Enthusiast At THR Salons

Talk about your career. I'm a front desk enthusiast and have worked with people since I was 16. How does being black affect your identity? Do you feel like you embrace more of your culture now at a later age? Being black affects my identity a lot because 9/10 people think I’m Hispanic. I’m always proud to say yes I’m Italian but I’m Jamaican too and people kind of see me as exotic whatever but I love it. It makes me me! :) I feel as though I always embraced my culture and I can honestly thank my mom for that. Even though she’s the Italian part of me she made sure I embraced and loved my Jamaican side just as much. She loves my culture and taught me to do the same always. Who are your role models? My role model, I would say, is my mom. She’s taught me to love and embrace anyone and everyone I encounter regardless of race, sex, religion. I am so grateful she raised my sister and me in such an open and welcoming household because it’s so important. How important is black representation in your line of work? Black representation is definitely very important to me and always has been in all my past jobs and now. I felt as though I always had to prove myself because I don’t necessarily look black. Being biracial I would say is difficult to in a way because everyone tries to put you in a category of “white washed” or “barely black” in high school it was such a battle because I felt as though I had to pick a side and that’s not the reality of it at all. I can embrace both and stand up for what’s right and my people. I want people to come in and see someone who looks like them or has hair like them or can pick just one thing to relate to me with and I’ll be pleased if that makes someone feel at ease even just a little bit. How important is hair to you? I would say hair is very important to me especially now more than ever with my curly hair journey. This is the first time in my life I’m embracing my natural hair and loving my curls. It’s a part of me and my culture. Working here definitely helps with the maintenance as well!

Ya feelin' our vibe?

We currently have open positions for both full-time Assistants and Stylists!

Email your resume over to Assistants must have a license or be in the process of obtaining one.

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